About Charlie’s Taxidermy
Charlie Taylor’s interest in taxidermy developed early in his childhood.  He spent most of his early years watching wildlife and soon developed an interest in preserving the animals he hunted.  At the age of ten he was attempting to mount birds and small animals.

After leaving the Army in 1963, Charlie opened his own taxidermy shop and for the next twenty years he mounted game birds, freshwater fish, mule and whitetail deer, bear, snakes, etc. from North America.  In September of 1981, Charlie and his family moved to Florida and settled in the Tampa Bay area.

In 1982 he met C. E. (Boe) Reed a local taxidermist in Florida.  He planned to help around the shop for a month or two.  He stayed twenty years.

During Charlie’s time with Boe, he had the pleasure of meeting such living legends as General Norman Schwartzkopf and Curt Gowdy.

Recently Boe moved his taxidermy shop to Northern Florida; so once again Charlie has established his own taxidermy studio here in the Tampa Bay area doing what he loves to do, Master Taxidermy with an Artist’s Eye.